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Mirai Combini
(Future Convenience Store)

The Mirai Combini is creating quite the media buzz these days.  A Convenience store holding a promise to the Future children of Kito, and a recent winner of... a never ending list of design awards.

The main idea behind the Mirai convenience store is to put focus on "children", who will inherit the future. A very relevant topic in a village suffering from a dwindling population. The store’s shelves are designed to be easy access for children, and it also has a cafe space where children as well as other locals and visitors can take a break and connect with each other. The combini also focuses on events and other content relevant to children.

Besides this the Mirai convenience store also has a striking design (recently earning it a RED DOT - Best of the Best award, among a long list of other awards).


Thurs - Tue:     11:00 - 17:30
Wed:                  Closed


CPK Above 360 pano.jpg

Camp Park Kito

Camp Park Kito is hidden in one of Kito's many secret valleys. With its modern facilities and the opportunity to soak in a wonderful riverside hot spring making it a place you can keep the sense of adventure without sacrificing comfort.

Camp Park Kito is the town's answer to "glamping". Its modern facilities offer everything you would want from a camp site and then some. Excellent facilities for BBQ, a luxurious riverside spa and an on site restaurant just to mention a few.
​Its secluded riverside location also makes it a perfect place to slow down, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. And if this slow life makes restlessness sneak up on you, river play and various activities are there to help! 


Thurs - Mon:   08:00 - 21:00
Tue , Wed:               Closed


Konose 2.jpg

 Konose Gorge
  (Scening Spot for Autumn Leaves)

This white limestone gorge blends with the golden hillsides of the autumn season for an unforgettable view!

During the fall season, the trees around Konose Gorge turn into a golden sea of colorful leaves. The limestone cliffs of Konose provide a dramatic view for the mountain side colors, creating one of the best places to enjoy the season's beauty. People come from all over the region to catch this spectacular sight for a good reason. The area has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Sightseeing Spots in Tokushima Prefecture.


The best time to see autumn colors is usually from late October until late  November.



 Mt. Tsurugi Super Forest Road 

The Mt. Tsurugi Super Forest Road (aka. "SUPA RINDO") is Japan’s longest forest road, with a total length of 87.7 kilometers. The road takes you deep into the mountains, offering some amazing scenery and far reaching views along the way.  Once up in the mountains you can also fill your belly with some truly delicious dishes at 'Yama no Ie". This mountain restaurant is run by an amazing family whose wonderful friendliness makes it worth a stop all in itself. All this attracts motorcyclists from around the coun
No wonder the Supa Rindo is considered a biker’s dream.

It should be noted that a lot of visitors take on this adventure by car as well. If you plan to do so yourself, we highly recommend a 4WD as the road conditions can sometimes be pretty bad.
    Also due to the wild environment surrounding this road, parts of the road are often closed for repairs. So we recommend checking the latest status of the road before heading out. You can do this by visiting the link below.



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