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Food & Drink

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Mirai Combini
(Future Convenience Store)

The Mirai Combini is creating quite the media buzz these days. A Convenience store holding a promise to the Future children of Kito, and a recent winner of... a never ending list of design awards.

The main idea behind the Mirai convenience store is to put focus on "children", who will inherit the future. A very relevant topic in a village suffering from a dwindling population. The store’s shelves are designed to be easy access for children, and it also has a cafe space where children as well as other locals and visitors can take a break and connect with each other. The combini also focuses on events and other content relevant to children.
Besides this the Mirai convenience store also has a striking design (recently earning it a RED DOT - Best of the Best award, among a long list of other awards). 


Thurs - Tue:       11:00 - 17:30
Wed:                Closed



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A two minute walk from the Next Chapter, and you will have access to an endless menu of delicious meals. 
Why not try the local Yuzu sushi?

Tachibana is run by Hideo Kitsumoto-san and his daughter. A wonderful person and a wonderful chef! A popular lunch location for the Next Chapter team, with a long menu where you can choose anything and we can guarantee satisfaction.
If beer and Karaoke is your thing this is also the place to go!


Mon - Sat:            10:00 - 14:00
                          17:00 - 20:00

Sun:                    Closed


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Coffee Stand Tanizaki

Kito’s answer to your “Cool, downtown Tokyo Coffee Stand”.

While Kito’s population is one or two people less than Tokyo (...approximately), our coffee stand is equally cool as the ones you find in Tokyo… We will actually go as far as saying this coffee stand might even be slightly cooler than the ones you find in Tokyo!

Run by the excellent Maako-san, this coffee stand offers a great selection of delicious beverages, hot and cold, hand dripped and hip. Maako-san also has her own cloth brand “mayacon” with t-shirt, tote bags etc. available for purchase at the stand.


Mon - Thu:         07:30 - 17:00
Sun:                   10:00 - 17:00
Fri - Sat :                Closed 

*Tanizaki's opening days can change slightly month by month. 



Kuruku & Kuuku

Nestled among the Yuzu fields of Kito, you will find the village’s favorite Friday meal and some trendy premises for events.

Nestled among the Yuzu fields of Kito, you will find the village’s favorite Friday meal and some trendy premises for events. Kuruku & Kuuku is run by Mizue Sakakino-san, the head of the local Yuzu company Yutoan. A wonderful woman who cares deeply about the village, and its future. The Next Chapter team is a big fan.

Every Friday villagers gather at Kuruku for lunch, where you can get some excellent food for a very reasonable price. The Yuzu Curry is a dish often served here, which is always something to look forward to. 

More recently, Kuruku’s little sister; Kuuku, opened next door to Kuruku. Kuuku is a refurbished old Japanese house that is now used to host various sorts of events. Events like selling local goods, clothes, delicious treats and coffee. The Next Chapter has for example previously hosted a Christmas Market with Kuuku and Coffee Stand Tanizaki, which was great fun! 



Friday:   11:30 - 13:30


*See Kuruku website below for coming events.



Ken's Gallery

A cozy café, an amazing gallery and great accommodation for mid-sized groups!

Ken’s Gallery is an excellent place to grab something to eat when traveling through Kito. The great food is a good reason to visit for sure, but so is what’s hiding on the 2nd floor. Ken’s 2nd floor holds a gallery of photography taken by the owner Mi-ne’s late husband. These wonderful pictures give a unique look into life in this mountainous village back in the day. A window into the village's past taken with impressive skill. The Next Chapter in our pursuit to highlight village stories, highly recommend this collection of stories from the past. 


Beside Ken’s Gallery, Mi-ne also runs a stylish accommodation called “Hana-re” in a peaceful hillside yuzu field. Hana-re is a modern and elegant, but still humble private accommodation. A great place to stay, especially for families and slightly larger groups. While we of course would love to have you stay at the Next Chapter, we also highly recommend Hana-re, as both the place and its owner Mi-ne is awesome!


*Open times can be slightly erratic, but usually very flexible with a phone call.


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