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November Updates - “Gold emerges, leaves fall, construction starts ”


The seasonal gold fever has come to the village! As the leaves are changing to their bright yellows, so does the village's precious gold: The Yuzu. The Yuzu harvest makes November probably among the most busy months in our quiet town, and while it is a yearly challenge for the village to overcome, it also makes the village feel more alive. I’ve been helping out with the harvest once a week and while it is hard work, I really like how it unites the village to a common cause (even if that sometimes means being united about a shared ache in your lower back).


Anyway, that’s the quick mood report from the town. Let me give you a summary of what's happening with the Next Chapter:

  • First of all, we have cleaned out the guesthouse!

  • The concrete wall between the road and guesthouse garden har been partly demolished. *Our original plan was to demolish all of it so the property would feel more open, but our carpenter advised this could potentially bring a small river from the road through the garden during the rainy season, so we decided to keep the lower part. This means however, that I need to find a solution to make it look nice. So if you have a great idea, add your comment below:) So far I’ve been playing around with some bench, table and flower-box ideas in my head, but I haven't had time to sit down and put it on paper yet.

  • The old septic tank has been removed and we’re preparing to insert a new one.

  • Flyers! I’ve made some flyers to promote the project and get people to follow us on SNS and… well, here on the website. So if you read this maybe you already know. With the help of my friends and colleagues in KDH, I’m trying to spread them around Shikoku. If you stumble upon them maybe we’ve done a good job.

That’s the quick summary. Might sound like small progress, but I can assure we’re steadily moving forward. From December I believe the construction will pick up pace and we will start to see more development:)

Autumn is an excellent season in Kito, with nice weather, pleasant temperatures, changing leaves and the smell of citrus in the air. In other words, a great season to come visit Kito. So while we don’t have a guesthouse for you to stay in yet, we already have a beautiful town worth paying a visit if you find the time!

Enjoy your autumn time! ____ Alrik Fallet

Next Chapter Project Leader / The Scandinavian Golden Moose

~Kito, Naka-Cho, Tokushima - Hidden village of the south-eastern Tokushima mountains. ~


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