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We're (soft) OPEN!

Alrik here! I have something to share . . .

.. ..

……. THE NEXT CHAPTER IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! … … ..A “soft” kind of open. Not exactly like the “real open” kind of open… More like a kind of.. Little by little softly, kind of “OPEN”...Hurray!

I’ll explain.

In short, It means the guesthouse is completed enough that we can start taking a few reservations at a discounted price. But let me try to explain a bit more of the current situation.

The guesthouse onsite staff will mainly be Tyler and I, but we will also be working on various video work from our new office at the Next Chapter during the day. Our work attention will therefore be a bit split into two and will need a bit of testing to find the right balance. Besides that, the guesthouse still has minor quirks here and there that need sorting and the garden is still in a construction state. I expect to see the garden turn into something nice soon, but we’re still awaiting confirmation on a few things regarding this.

Because of all this and the untested state of our guesthouse we want to take this little bit of extra time to figure things out and make sure we have a smooth operation that leaves both visitors and staff with a satisfying Next Chapter experience.

So for now, we won’t be opening the big online booking platforms yet, but if you are interested in being one of our first guests you can reach out and make a reservation inquiry through our Facebook page or website.

As the grand opening of the guesthouse will instead happen a bit later this summer, I’m not gonna make any big speeches now. But I’d like to throw in a general deep felt “Thank you!” to everyone that has contributed to the project and helped make this awesome guesthouse.

Excellent carpenters & craftsmen, great henchmen, impressive office magicians and the wonderful people living around the guest house being so accepting and welcoming towards us and our project. I promise to thank you all more properly once we reach our grand opening later this summer!

Hope you like the result. A lot of hard work went into it:)

Once again. We’re officially …(kind of softly) OPEN!


Alrik Fallet

Next Chapter・Project Leader/ Scandinavian Golden Moose



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