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January Updates - Construction at full speed!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well.

It’s been a busy month for sure here in Kito. After taking some time off for new years, I returned to a project moving at high speed with a slightly stressed out Henchman doing his best to steer the ship.

After a few hectic weeks, things have seemed to return to a more manageable pace, at least for me and mr. Kawahito. So... What have we been up to?


First of all, we bought an Ikea kitchen. I’m not gonna reveal too many details now, but I will very soon. For now, let’s just say it is quite close to the 3D visualization I’ve shown earlier in social media.

Besides Kitchen shopping, It has also been a month with some DIY. With the help of a nice professional Oji-san from northern Tokushima, Kawahito and I have plastered the common space walls. It’s looking pretty good :) Especially the parts done by the professional…

In other news, I’m sad to report we have decided to leave out the Maki stove from our plans. We considered doing DIY initially, but having this done by a strange Norwegian and his henchmen would result in potential fire hazards and the loss of our construction insurance. On the other hand, installing it professionally would cost us around 100 0000 yen and in the end I couldn’t really justify this in our budget.

The common space will still have air condition heating, and it will leave me more space for other interior ideas. So while I wish I didn’t have to give it up, it opens the doors for other ideas:)

No Wood Burning Stove = More space for Bear?

While we won’t have a wood burner stove, we will still have lamps. All lamps for the guesthouse have been ordered, and little by little they have started to fill up our office. Kawahito and I made a quick unboxing video and have decided that we will never become professional youtubers after all. I’d like to show you some of these lights, but I’d rather wait until they are all installed to give you all a stronger impression :)

Finally I’ll just want to share a gallery on recent construction. Windows have been installed, walls have been plastered and even the entrance door is finding its place. One thing I’m particularly excited about is the “yaki sugi” panels that have been installed in various locations, as well as the visible cross bracings for some walls.

So as you can see, things are moving forward steadily. The 1st floor is already starting to feel like a building, so by the end of next month we might even be able to show off some finished rooms. Stay tuned, and always a big thank you to all of you who follow the project :)


Alrik Fallet

Next Chapter Project Leader / The Scandinavian Golden Moose

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