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Hidden in the mountains of southern Tokushima, you find the small town Kito. Surrounded by sparkling rivers, mysterious mountains and the slow pulse of countryside life, Kito is a town that comes as close to
“the real ancient japan” as you possibly get.

What better place for a guest house holding the spirit of stories?

What will be your Kito Story?
 The Untrodden Japan 


The Next Chapter is located in the small beautiful village of Kito in southwestern Tokushima, roughly

2 hours by car from Tokushima city and 1,5 hour

from Kochi city along route 195.

 The Nakariver, curving it’s way through the calm village landscape, holds the history of carrying Kito Cedar downstream. Back in the days, work surrounding the Kito Cedar was a central piece in the town's everyday life.  But since the cedar business slowed down, the town population has been fading with it, eventually resulting in the half forgotten treasure Kito has become today.


But even though the cedar’s popularity has been fading over the years, a different tree has spread its roots in the Kito soil. In the last 50 years Kito has started a full scale cultivation of the Yuzu citrus, producing fruit of excellent quality earning its golden village reputation.

While a lot of Kito’s secrets are still waiting to be rediscovered, great destinations and activities

can easily be found.

The Guesthouse

 Where Stories Gather 

Stories come in many forms. The fairytales your grandmother spoke at your bed-side. The cracks in an old farm tool, telling us of its years of faithful service. Or simply the ones we create for ourselves when traveling or exploring. This is what we want this guesthouse to be about.

The Next Chapter guesthouse is our open invitation for you to find your own story here in the untrodden Japan. An entrance point to the natural beauty of Kito, providing visitors a unique place to stay while exploring the area. 

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Our Rooms

The Next Chapter is designed to provide reasonable accommodation for anyone curious about our beautiful mountain town and houses up to 16 overnight visitors.

Private room / 2 people

Yuzu Yellow

This traditional Japanese tatami room allows up to 2 people, and is inspired by the village's precious gold: The Yuzu Citrus.


1 people:7,500円
2 people:7,500円

Gappa Green

Private room / 3 people

This traditional Japanese tatami room allows up to 3 people. It also has a foldable desk and chair that can be set up for remote work.The room borrows its color from the mythical creature: The Gappa / Kappa which is said to be dwelling in the slower curves of Nakagava river.


1 people:8,000円
2 people:8,500円
3 people:11,000円

Nakagawa Blue

Private room / 3 people

This traditional Japanese tatami room allows up to 3 futons and has a nice view over the Nakagawa rive from where it gets its name. It is also equipped with a desk for remote work and a cozy “nook” where you can enjoy your favorite book at your own leisure.


1 people:8,500円
2 people:9,000円
3 people:12,000円

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Mixed Gender

8 beds

This mixed dormitory has four bunk beds housing up to 8 people. Every bunk also comes with its own locker.


1 person:3,500円

Rent the entire guest house

Why not have a private stay? If you would like to book the whole guesthouse or use our facilities for events, please send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Rental of the entire guesthouse:

1-7 persons , 1 night: 45,000 yen

7+ people , 1 night: 50,000 yen

Use of facilities for events:

*Prices vary depending on the content of the event, time of day, number of people, etc. Please let us know the details of your event and we will provide an estimate.


Guest Kitchen

Next Chapter has a fully equipped kitchen where visitors can enjoy preparing their own meals.


Kito also has various places where you can eat out. The closest being Tachibana, which is open most days from 17 until 20 n the evening, except Sundays. There's also a few places to get basic groceries, but note that they usually close quite early.
      As we're located deep into the mountains of ancient Japan, the convenience of the modern Japanese city is sadly not present.  Therefore we strongly recommend visitors to bring some food of their own just in case. 
We also recommend checking the details and opening times of nearby restaurants and places to get groceries on the link below. 


Common Space

The Next Chapter common space is our recommended place to relax after a day of adventures. With plenty of cozy corners to relax, and a secret under stairs “nook” which provides some extra book reading privacy... It’s also a great place to store your kids for a while..

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Next Chapter's garden is designed for the enjoyment of guests, locals, and neighborhood badgers.

There is a long bench at the front of the garden where you or an old ladies passing by can rest. In addition, there are other areas throughout the garden where you can sit and relax.

A big wooden deck connects to the guest house to the garden and is perfect for enjoying drinks and snacks in the evening.


We hope you all will enjoy our garden :)

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Guest Kitchen

Next Chapter has a fully equipped kitchen where visitors can enjoy preparing their own meals. Kito also has various places where you can eat out. The closest being Tachibana, which is open most days until 8 in the evening, except Sundays. We are however, located deep into the mountains of ancient Japan, so the convenience of the modern Japanese city is sadly not present.  Therefore we do recommend guests to bring some food of their own just in case. 
You can read more about Tachibana and other places to grab a snack on the link below.


Remote Work

In a world where remote work is becoming increasingly popular, we have worked hard to provide many places for visitors to sit and focus on their work. In order to realize a good  remote work experience, free WIFI with high-speed fiber optic internet is available throughout the entire building.


And best of all, beautiful views and fresh mountain air are right outside the door whenever you need a break.

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The Team

 What is our story? 

Next Chapter’s daily operation is handled by Kito Creatives.
The creative minds fueling Kito Creatives, Tyler Walkey and Alrik Fallet, are competent multimedia content creators specializing in video. As a part of
Kito Design Holdings, they work to support the revitalization of Kito through creative content and ideas. 


We would love for you to take a look at our videos, hopefully inspiring you to come pay our little mountain town a visit.

Alrik Fallet

Project Leader  / Designer 
Strange Norwegian   

Originally from a small village in the Norwegian mountains, Alrik is the strange Scandinavian leading the Next Chapter project.  His lifelong interest in music and the creative arts comes quite in handy for the project's designs and ideas. With a degree in music technology and an orchestra hidden in his laptop, he also supports Tyler’s beautiful Kito-videos with sound and music.

It was a love for travel, nature and adventure that eventually took him to Shikoku’s ancient mountains.  From there, one thing led to another which has eventually somehow resulted in "The Next Chapter" guesthouse.

Tyler Walkey

Video Creator 
Nose Balance Performer

Behind the beautiful videos of local stories, promotional content and slices of Kito life, Tyler is the man holding the camera. Originally from California, US he’s lived a life deeply connected to video and film-making.

Besides creating beautiful videos, Tyler has a field of interest stretching in all directions. This has resulted in things like:
8 years as a drone pilot,  experience with all kinds of outdoor activities, prop-making for big budget Hollywood productions and for some reason the ability to balance all kinds of stuff on his nose.